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proper waste management perth

A proper waste management system includes collection, transportation, process, recycling and/or disposal of all waste produced by human activity. A waste management system will reduce the negative impact of waste on many aspects, including the environment and human health.

The proper waste management system also can support the resources and process of reusing and recycling. There are many types of waste management, such as liquid, gaseous, solid or hazardous waste management. Each type requires different treatment and disposal management by professionals.

Why Should We Avoid Using Landfill?

The landfills have been an uncontrolled chemistry experiment gradually harming our environment. Landfills emit methane, which is 20 times more hazardous than carbon dioxide and it also pollutes the groundwater. Based on circular economy thinking, landfills make zero contribution to a sustainable society. The circular economy is the idea to retain as long as possible the value of the material in the economy in reducing the natural resources depletion and waste generation upon the environment.

Several countries have taken a big step in reducing landfills. They are Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Belgium. Those countries are landfilling 3% or less than the waste they produce. Meanwhile, Australia throws 40% of the waste produced into landfills.

What is the Purpose of Waste Management Perth?

  1. Improves health and sanitation

When you promote proper waste disposal, you are improving the community’s health and sanitation. Bacteria and moulds will grow on the scattered rotten rubbish. Without proper waste disposal helped with skip bin rental, the scattered wastes will make us vulnerable to the disease. It can cause skin rashes, allergies, diarrhoea or worse health issue.

  1. Avoid the contamination of biohazard

Scrap metal and chemical wastes may decay and be harmful biohazard. Improper scrap metal and chemical waste disposal can contaminate the soil, water and the atmosphere. Prevent biohazard leakage by doing proper waste disposal and segregation.

  1. Minimize the pest infestation

Piled waste can attract pests, such as insects and rodents. You need to throw food and other perishables out of your home every week. Place your bins outside to avoid the pungent smell and prevent pests go inside the house. You also can make it more useful by creating compost for your garden.

  1. For physical safety

Sharp objects and caustic chemical wastes are dangerous if we throw them carelessly without proper waste management and segregation. Rusty nails, glass shards or lye can injure any people if we throw them into the landfill.

  1. Earns you money

There are many household appliances or wastes that are recyclable or sellable. Plastic bottles, soda cans, and unused cords are some wastes that can go for recycling. If you have good unwanted appliances, consider donating them or selling them in a garage sale.

Reliable Waste Management System

Whether it’s a backyard clean-up or fixing up after a renovation project, skip bin rental can be a saviour for any of your projects. It is an effective and affordable waste disposal method. Save most of your cash by hiring a skip bin from WA Skips, reliable rubbish removal in Perth. Contact us now to get suitable skip bins for your project.