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Skip Bin Hire Perth – Rubbish Removal Service

If you’re looking for domestic or commercial skip bin hire Perth, large or small and at competitive pricing, then you will not get a better deal than WA Skips. When looking at hiring a skip bin, it can be tempting to just go for the cheapest skip bin hire Perth, but here at WA Skips, we offer competitive rates and so much more.

Whether you are moving, landscaping the garden, renovating your house or want to hire skip bins in Perth for  trade or commercial waste, we know your aim is to dispose of household or commercial waste fast, hassle-free and cheaply. Our aim is to provide a reliable service and efficient service with a quick turnaround time so you can get on with the job at hand.


We made our waste type identification process easy and simple to follow, we hope it helps you make an informed choice of what is acceptable rubbish/waste to be placed inside each of our 8 waste type skip bins.

General Waste

  • Household waste
  • Light commercial waste
  • Light building construction waste
  • Furniture & appliances
  • Light Green waste

Green Waste

  • Light green waste
  • branches, leaves & palm fronds
  • Woodchip & bark with NO soil attached
  • Tree trunks smaller than 150mm in diameter and under 500mm long
  • Untreated timber

Mixed Heavy Waste

  • Waste from domestic or commercial demolition, construction, renovation
  • Treated timber like retaining walls, decking and floorboards
  • Hardfill Waste
  • Household waste
  • Green waste

Clean Waste

  • Bricks and/or Bricks and mortar or
  • Concrete (no bigger than 600x600) or
  • Pebbles and rocks or
  • Roof tiles or
  • Floor tiles.

Mixed Rubble

  • Bricks, mortar and sandstone
  • Pebbles and rocks
  • Roofs and floor tiles
  • Concrete rubble (no bigger than 600x600)
  • N.B. No mixed materials of any sort except what is specified above.


  • Household waste
  • Office waste
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Light green waste


  • Asbestos materials i.e. fibro sheeting
  • Asbestos contaminated waste
  • All skip bins hired for asbestos removal must be lined withdouble PVC orange or black builder’s plastic

Excavation Waste

  • Naturally occurring Soil/Dirt Rock, Sandstone and Clay
  • Less than 10% Turf and Vegetation
It is important customers understand that waste handling facilities have strict guidelines regarding what waste can be placed in bins. You may incur additional charges if you try to dispose of incorrect or probihited materials.

WA skip offers a wide variety of bin sizes. It’s important to choose the right size to suit your needs to ensure you have a bin that is big enough, or, in turn, don’t spend extra money by booking a skip bin that is too big for your requirements.

Do you know the size and type of skip bin you need?

While it may seem simple enough to book a skip bin hire Perth, there is more to it than you might initially think. Your skip bin hire will depend on the job you are doing, how long you need the bin for, where your skip bin hire will need to be placed and even dependent on certain shire rules and regulations. To help you sort through the rubble of information, you need a highly experienced and knowledgeable company and that’s where we can help.

WA Skips can offer you a range of commercial and domestic skip bins in Perth job including:

  • Bins for everyday waste including household waste, green waste, mixed heavy waste & clean waste
  • Specialised waste bin hire Perth – We also have specialised bins to take mixed rubble and excavation waste
  • Bespoke solutions for hazardous waste collection and treatment including industrial cleaning, fluorescent tube recycling, E-waste collections and battery disposal
  • Asbestos management – commercial and industrial asbestos removal, transportation and 24 hour emergency response service
  • Sizes ranging from 2m3 – equal to 2 trailers right the way through to 10m3 – equal to 10 trailers

Service & Booking:

  • Service area & Hours – We provide skip bins in Perth right across the Perth metro area Mon – Sat
  • Delivery options – You can keep your skip bin for up to 7 days and have a same day delivery option!
  • FREE no obligation quote and FREE booking
  • Simple online ordering and booking service
Advice, help and superior levels of customer service

  • Advice on general requirements and advice on your legal obligations for removal of hazardous waste types.
  • We pride ourselves on our gold-star customer service. When it come stop skip bin hire Perth, we have hundreds of satisfied customers who vouch for our service and care
  • 24/7 support from a Perth based customer service team to handle all your questions


  • Licensed and accredited, fully insured and council compliant, our team of drivers have the skills, qualifications and experience to effortlessly fulfil your needs
  • Environmentally responsible – We use only authorised treatment facilities to dispose of your skip waste and often recycle up to 100% of the contents