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A lot of home owners have a tendency to store unwanted furniture, old records, garden tools, worn books and everything in betters in the garage. In fact in most homes, the last thing you’ll see in the garage is the car! This results in a valuable space which instead of being put to good use, ends up as a permanent skip attached to your house! Sure you will get round to cleaning it and when you do opt for a skip bin hire in Perth, WA Skips will have you covered. Contact our friendly team now.

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We are the leaders in skip bin hire in Perth and a mini skip bin hire will be exactly what you need when you decide to finally clean out that garage and possibly park the car in it again.

Here are a few pointers on clearing out the garage to help you get on with the task at hand and save you valuable time, effort and money in the process!

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Remove Everything

Remove all items from your garage so you can begin with a completely empty slate. Collect all your belongings and arrange them into designated areas. Make a decision as to which possessions you want to keep, give away, put up for, or throw away. It is best to organise a skip in hire, Perth for convenient rubbish removal of the larger items you may have stored.

Bring Out The Vacuum!

When it involves cleaning, we know that the garage doesn’t really come into consideration. I mean it is the garage after all. However when you start clearing it out, you will be surprised at just how much dust has accumulated so grab the marigolds, pick up the feather duster and plug in the vacuum. Provide the space for deep cleaning and suck up all those cobwebs and dust bunnies while you’re at it to save you time.

New Storage Units

After separating your items, you will inevitably be left with many items you want to keep. Invest in some really good sure containers so you can bring those items back into the garage. These containers don’t have to be expensive and there are many different sizes and styles to choose from. Simple label the containers so you know exactly what is in them. You can also install bike shelfs, shelves, and hooks to help you restore order in your room. Top tip! Make certain to stay clear of choose storage closets with doors, as they will just give you a justification to remain disorganised (out of site, out of mind!)


Clearing out your garage is a very tough, but it is a pleasing job once it is done. Skip bins Perth will help you dispose of your rubbish without resorting to piles of black bin bags littering your kerb. Our professional and expert advice and service will help you choose the best size skip bin hire in Perth for your needs and when it comes to skip bin prices, we cannot be beaten!