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The most effective industrial and commercial waste management techniques are the ones that aim to reuse, reduce, and recycle waste materials without causing any harm to the environment. Various recycling companies offer industrial bin hire and recycling services to manage and recycle waste products properly. The recycling industries also offer skip bin hire Maddington services for residential and commercial purposes. The skip bins Maddington are provided at affordable prices while catering for the needs of the clients.

Types of retail and industrial waste

Some of the industrial and retail wastes include:

  • Office paper,
  • Food waste
  • Cooking oil and grease
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bags, plastic containers and plastic films
  • Cardboard, bulk and paper packaging

Other waste includes IT equipment, mobile phones, fluorescent lights, pallets, paint, batteries, wood and metal.

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How to manage industrial waste

According to Commercial and Industrial Waste Management Plan Guidelines, here are the effective waste management strategies:

  • Recycling

One of the ways to manage industrial waste is by having specific bins used for recycling and shredding sensitive documents. Much of the waste produced by the company’s shipping, packaging, and production is not compostable or reusable but recyclable.

  • Reuse

Reuse is the practice or action of using an item, whether for a different or its original purpose. You can reuse ring binders, manila folders or donate the reusable items to a charity or local school.

  • Recovery

Recovery involves the compositing of organic material to energy options by turning organic waste into fertilizer that you can use to nourish plants. You can compost leaves, food waste, and newspaper, small pieces of straw and cardboard.

  • Saves energy and resources

One of the main benefits of proper waste management is creating a safe working environment for the business while helping in putting less strain on the earth’s resources. When industrial by-products or waste materials are reused, it decreases the need and cost of new raw materials.

  • Reduces cost

You can significantly reduce the expenses associated with disposing of commercial by-products and unused materials through proper waste management. A business can recycle materials such as aluminium, which helps the company save on purchasing new raw materials.

  • Creates new jobs

Recycling industrial waste involves processing, transportation and reselling. These activities are vital since they create employment opportunities and new jobs for different people. Reusing and recycling will create new opportunities while enhancing the growth of the business.

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