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How To Consider The Right Skip Bins For Your Needs


There’s no point hiring something that doesn’t work for you. WA Skips has a wide range of skip bins in Perth that are suited for a wide variety of needs. So there’s no need to settle for anything less than the perfect bin for you. We’re experts in the industry so if you need a […]

Don’t waste this festival season!


Music Festivals are an important aspect of summertime for many people, but they can have a disastrous effect on the environment. With a lot of waste being produced, cleanups can be difficult, and the environmental impact can be severe. Using a skip bin hire in Perth for local festivals may be just the solution. It […]

It’s Time for a Busy Bee


Well Well. Finally, spring is here. You want to roll up your sleeves, toss your hair in a bun and GET IT DONE. How to get rid of unwanted household goods? You look around the house and there is the microwave that stopped working months ago, the old fridge, boxes from the last move and […]

Secure Product Destruction


Disposing of unwanted products is not as easy as simply throwing them in the waste bin. If you have obsolete, out of date or faulty products, you need a product destruction service to get rid of the waste securely, safely and responsibly. WA Skips are a leading product destruction service provider specialising in secure document […]

Cleaning Out Your Garage? Don’t Do A Thing Until You’ve Read Our Top Tips!


A lot of home owners have a tendency to store unwanted furniture, old records, garden tools, worn books and everything in betters in the garage. In fact in most homes, the last thing you’ll see in the garage is the car! This results in a valuable space which instead of being put to good use, […]