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Illegal dumping is a serious problem in Western Australia, and the government is taking steps to crack down on offenders. Under the Environmental Protection Act, anyone caught illegally dumping waste can be fined up to $125,000 for corporations and $62,500 for individuals. 

These illegal dumping fines are designed to discourage people from illegally disposing of their waste and to make them think twice before doing so. If you see someone illegally dumping waste, you can report them to the authorities and help to keep our environment clean.

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How to Report Illegal Dumping

The Western Australian Government has partnered with Pollution Watch and Crime Stoppers WA to provide two avenues for community members to report illegal dumping.

1. WA Pollution Watch

Reporting illegal dumping to Pollution Watch is easy – simply fill out their online form or call their hotline on Tel 1300 784 782. All reports are confidential and can be made anonymously. Your report will help Pollution Watch to investigate the incident and take action against the offender.

2. Crime Stoppers WA

Alternatively, you can report illegal dumping to Crime Stoppers WA. Crime Stoppers WA is an independent organisation that allows community members to anonymously report crime. You can find out more on the Crime Stoppers WA website

Again, all reports are confidential and can be made anonymously. By reporting it to Crime Stoppers WA, you will help to make our community safer and cleaner.

Why We Need to Stop Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a serious problem that can have far-reaching effects on the environment and public health. When the trash is dumped in unauthorized areas, it can:

  • pollute soil and water resources
  • damage natural habitats
  • create unsafe conditions for people and animals
  • often leads to littering, which can further degrade the quality of the environment

It also has economic consequences, as it can:

  1. cost taxpayers hundreds or even thousands of dollars to clean up
  2. discourage businesses and tourists from visiting an area

To combat those illegal dumping effects, it is important to raise public awareness about the problem and its consequences. Law enforcement agencies should also strengthen enforcement efforts to deter would-be dumpers. Finally, communities should provide easy and convenient ways for people to dispose of their trash properly. 

By taking these steps, we can reduce the negative impact of illegal dumping on our environment and our communities.

Solutions to Illegal Dumping

If you’re planning a home renovation or spring cleaning project, you may be tempted to simply dump your unwanted items in the nearest bin. However, it can come with serious penalties. Not only can it damage the environment, but it can also result in costly fines. 

The best way to dispose of your waste is to hire a skip bin from WA Skips. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs. And our team will ensure that your waste is disposed of responsibly. Plus, we offer competitive rates, so you can save money while doing your part to protect the environment. So when you’re ready to start your next project, make sure to give WA Skips a call.