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Planning to do a household clean-up this weekend? If so, you need to make sure that all the waste you’re getting rid of is disposed responsibly. Hiring a skip bin is the perfect solution for this and will make your job run as efficiently as possible. Whether it is a small or large project, skip bin hire Perth is the best service to use when tackling your rubbish removal service needs.

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Hiring a skip from a professional skip bin company in Perth is great because sustainability is one of their main concerns. As such, you can be sure that they will process and recycle your waste in the most environmentally friendly way. All you need to worry about is filling up your skip bins Perth and the company will take care of the waste management.

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However, there are still some things you should know so that you can get the most out of your bin. Here is a list of things you have to know before renting a skip bin hire Perth.

4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Skip Bin in Perth

  1. Skip Bin Size and Type

When it comes to hiring a skip bin, you need to be sure the type of waste you want to dispose of. Please note that not all waste can go in a skip bin, so if you have doubts you should contact a reliable skip bin hire Perth company to figure out which type of skip bin you will need for your project.

Size is also very important in helping you avoid an overloaded skip and any extra charges. Skip bins come in a variety of sizes; at WA Skips, our available skip bins sizes are 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 6m3, 8m3 and 10m3.

  1. Delivery and Pick Up Schedule

Your desired delivery and pick up schedule is another vital point to consider. Most skip bin providers typically deliver their skips on the day after you make your booking, but advance bookings are possible too. When you are aware of the delivery and pick-up time, you can wisely choose a time to load the skip bin.

  1. Skip Bins Cost

The cost of hiring skip bins in Perth may vary depending on each company’s policy. Some hires are charged based on a daily basis while the others based on distance. If you already have the information, you can proceed with the booking otherwise you should get in contact with the company.

  1. Skip Bins Placement

Last but not least, finding the right spot to place the skip bin is also essential. If the skip bin is placed in the standard driveway parking spot, make sure you have easy access to it. If you place it in a public area, ensure that you have the required permits. However, if you have enough space the area around house, it’s better to place it in front of the house or in the backyard for accessibility purposes. It’s also recommended that you create a dedicated safe zone surrounding the skip bin so you can safely load the skip.


Hiring a skip bin is a simple and affordable way to remove and manage household waste by yourself. If you still not sure of which skip bin size to choose, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. WA Skips team are always happy to help you with any query. Contact our team for a call on (08) 6377 9660.