The need to securely destroy products can stem from production or packaging errors, damage caused in transit, product recalls, material testing or products which are simply out-of-date.

Secure destruction of obsolete, out-of-date or faulty products is essential to protect your brand. We ensure that they do not re-enter the marketplace, negatively impact your products or endanger public safety.

The way we handle your products is tailored to your exact requirements and we can manage a wide range of stock, including:

  • Alcoholic or soft drinks

  • Toiletries

  • Cosmetics

  • Packaged food and dairy products

  • Electronic equipment

  • Leisure and sports goods

  • Textiles and clothing

  • Counterfeit or seized good

  • Out of date products

  • Manufacturing defects/faults

As part of the stock disposal service, we can produce a comprehensive audit trail and a Certificate of Destruction demonstrating that the products have been destroyed. We can also provide video evidence of the secure destruction of your stock or accommodate a representative to witness the process.

We destroy products in a way that ensures we can recover and recycle as much material as possible. For example, when destroying packaged foods, we will often de-package to reclaim the plastic or paper wrapping. Contact us now for any requirements.