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When it comes to oil disposal Perth, you cannot simply throw it into a skip bin and forgot about. There are strict rules about what you can and cannot dispose of. Fortunately for you, here at WA Skips, we collect used oil and oily water and ensure it is properly disposed of. Our oil waste removal Perth services include a statewide fleet of vehicles to provide the collection and disposal of used engine oil, oily water, hydraulic oil and sump oil. Reach us today for more information.

Used oil and associated waste are highly regulated and monitored by the WA Environmental Regulator. As such, oil waste removal in Perth has to be collected and managed by a specialist company with the relevant licences. WA Skips waste management in Perth can provide a one-stop shop for oil and water removal across Western Australia.

We have a technically proficient team with the high levels of operational safety and quality. We can advise on the best course of treatment for liquid and oil waste removal in Perth and provide peace of mind by ensuring you keep to the latest legislative and compliance issues.

Our services guide below will let you know all you need to ensure you comply with the rules for oil disposal Perth without incurring heavy fines.

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Emptying tanks with heavy vacuum / super sucker equipment

WA Skips has plenty of knowledge and the right equipment to provide a safe and efficient emptying service. Our reliable and experienced team will safely remove oils and waters from any storage tank from any business whether it is a garage forecourt or chemical storage installation. In some areas we also offer a mobile centrifuge, providing customers with on-site dewatering to reduce the volumes of liquid waste for transporting and processing.

Leachate & Sludges

WA Skips has long been collecting leachates and sludges for companies including major water companies, waste businesses and large industrial complexes. Our wide range of liquid waste tankers will collect your waste and take it to the nearest specialist facility for processing before a final effluent is safely discharged.

Providing the Right Vehicle

Vacuum tankers with specialised industrial suction heads are used to move liquid wastes over long distances, or when greater suction is required to move thick sludges.

We are a leading waste management companies in Perth and with WA Skips you can count on us for a comprehensive and reliable service for oil waste removal in Perth.  We cover the entire Perth metropolitan area and bespoke rubbish removal solutions that are best suited to your business needs, offering a safe hazardous waste collection and oil disposal Perth treatment service. We also offer the lowest price skip bin for hire, an instant free quote and outstanding customer service, help and advice as standard.