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There’s no point hiring something that doesn’t work for you. WA Skips has a wide range of skip bins in Perth that are suited for a wide variety of needs. So there’s no need to settle for anything less than the perfect bin for you. We’re experts in the industry so if you need a skip bin hire in Perth give us a call on 08 6117 8119

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Not all skip bins are the same

Although many people think skip bins are effectively the same, this is completely untrue. There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing the bin that is right for you. This is why you can’t just book any old skip bin and you’ll be required to answer numerous questions during the booking process to determine what bin is best suited for your requirements.

Some things to think about when you choose skip bins in Perth

Skip bin sizes: The most well known (and arguably most important) factor  is the size of the skip bin. Paying too much for an oversized skip bin is annoying but so is paying too much because you had to hire another skip because you had too much waste. This is why it’s important that you plan how much rubbish you need to throw away so that you can make a more appropriate estimate rather than just guessing the size you need.

Type of Waste: Contrary to popular belief you can’t just throw any type of waste in your bin. Different waste types need to be handled and disposed of differently, and so different skip bins are required to deal with them. So before you book your bin, make sure that you are aware of what materials are permitted and what is prohibited. This allows you to get a better idea what bin is right for you.

Skip Design: The design of the skip is also vitally important as this will play an important role in determining if your waste can be easily loaded on to the bin. If you’re dealing with heavy materials or sturdy objects then it’s important that you have easy access, with walk in access being preferred over really high walls that require you to lift the items over the walls.

Contact the best skip bin hire in Perth

If you’re looking for skip bins in Perth at prices you can afford there’s no better choice than WA Skips. We offer high quality bins that come in a wide range of sizes and suitable for a whole slew of waste types. Just make sure you plan appropriately so that you know what your requirements are. Once you know that, we can handle the rest. For the best skip bin hire in Perth give us a call on 08 6117 8119.


Music Festivals are an important aspect of summertime for many people, but they can have a disastrous effect on the environment. With a lot of waste being produced, cleanups can be difficult, and the environmental impact can be severe. Using a skip bin hire in Perth for local festivals may be just the solution.

It is estimated that around 80% of the rubbish produced from music festivals are left behind by festivalgoers. This doesn’t just include items like leftover alcohol and food scraps. Many large items like tents, sleeping bags and camp chairs are used for the weekend and then dumped. Many festival sites don’t have enough bins or cleaners coming through so many attendees have nowhere to throw their rubbish creating a messy environment and a troublesome cleanup. This is hugely unsustainable.

So what can be done? Many festival organisers recognise the need to create a more sustainable event and many festivalgoers are looking to have a good time without having such a bad impact on the environment. There are many ways to lower your impact, but one way is to look at waste management.

Should I hire a skip bin?

The bins at music festivals frequently overfill. Anyone who has been to a festival will probably recognise rubbish piling on top and around the bin as they can’t cope with the sheer amount of waste.

Skip bins can be an appropriate solution for waste management at these festivals. They come in a range of sizes and can help keep the rubbish in one place without having numerous overfilled bins scattered around. This won’t reduce the waste but will have a great effect on the environment, with the ensuing clean-up and water management being much easier afterwards.

Getting a skip bin hire near me?

WA Skips is a WA based company providing a quality skip bin service.  As the best skip bin hire in Perth we operate throughout the entire metro area. So if you need a skip bin in Perth we provide an effective, eco-friendly waste management service for your festival.

Will the waste be recycled?

Festivals can produce over 2.7kg of waste per person each day and of that only around 32% is recycled. WA Skips only use authorised treatment facilities to dispose of the waste produced at festivals. By sorting the waste efficiently, we will be able to maximise the amount of recyclables extracted.

What size skip bin do I need?

What size and how many skip bins you need really depends on the size of your festival. Our sizes range from 2m3  up to 10m3. If you’re unsure of what you want WA Skips provides friendly customer service and competitive skip bin hire prices to help you choose the option that works best for your festival.

How do I make use of my skip bins?

Now once you’ve organised how many bins you’ll have and what size they will be you’ll need to strategically place them, make it easy for festival goers to find them and dispose waste wisely. You can do this by putting up signs or banners. Smaller skip bins at the exits may effective, catching festivalgoers as they leave. WA Skips can help with suggestions for any layout and provide timely pickups so you can keep maintain a clean environment when your bins start to fill up.

Why should I choose WA Skips?

As they are the cheapest skip bin hire in Perth providing a professional and reliable service. Our deliveries and removals operate 7 days a week and our customer support team is available 24 hours a day. We have a large range, top quality service and are easy to book. If you need a skip bin hire in Perth contact us.

Well Well. Finally, spring is here. You want to roll up your sleeves, toss your hair in a bun and GET IT DONE.

How to get rid of unwanted household goods?

You look around the house and there is the microwave that stopped working months ago, the old fridge, boxes from the last move and the list goes on.  You look in the garage and there is the washing machine and dryer that broke last year, hubby’s “project” and even the bikes that were bought years ago but all they have done is collect rust. And what about the back yard! Kids toys that are covered in cobwebs, the old barbecue and the sad looking gardens with all that winter build up.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the space back inside your home by getting rid of all the rubbish? You can put that space to a much better use.  How about bring your garden back to its former glory with a good yard clean up? You can host a family barbecue again and the kids can put their iPads down and discover the outdoors. All the clutter has been giving you anxiety for a while as the normal household bin is just too small, plus it’s not the kind of waste that goes in the normal bin.

skip bin hire perth

When there is too much stuff to throw away WA Skips has you covered with a bin hire near me. Booking a skip bin hire in Perth with WA Skips couldn’t be simpler. They are locally owned and operated, plus they have been in the waste management industry for decades, providing Perth metropolitan and surrounds with ultra – competitive pricing and super – fast delivery.

What size and type skip bin do I need?

At WA Skips, skip bin sizes range from 2m3 to 10m3. It may be difficult to visualize the size you need. WA Skips will offer friendly advice on the right size for you as you don’t want a bin that is too small or one that is too big and end up paying for wasted space. It is important to know the type of waste that is going into the bin, so that the right bin is delivered to you. The range of skip bins covers: general household waste, green waste, concrete, bricks and heavy waste.

Can I have the bin delivered on the weekend?

Yes, WA Skips customer support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Deliveries are made 7 days a week and if you book before 09:00 am they will deliver that same day.

Will the waste be recycled?

WA Skips only use authorised treatment facilities to dispose of the waste. Waste will get sorted and recyclables extracted.

Why should I choose WA Skips?

They are seasoned professionals and simply known as the best company for waste management. They have a large range, friendly service, easy booking system and offer same day delivery service. Their team is friendly, helpful and full of advice. They are fully licenced, insured and council compliant.

Disposing of unwanted products is not as easy as simply throwing them in the waste bin. If you have obsolete, out of date or faulty products, you need a product destruction service to get rid of the waste securely, safely and responsibly. WA Skips are a leading product destruction service provider specialising in secure document destruction, stock disposal and skip bin hire.

Whether you have electronic devices, food, beverages, paints, textiles and clothing, personal documentation, company files or sensitive data, our machine and hand-operated procedures will take apart, break down, shred or crush them all quickly and efficiently.

product destruction service

What Products Do You Need To Hire A Product Destruction Service For?

Here at WA Skips, we offer more than skip bin hire. We securely dispose of a wide range of materials and will create a tailor-made solution specifically to your needs and requirements. No matter what you want destroyed, we can guarantee we will protect your brand, product and information security particularly when it comes to security items such as personal information, economic information and company sensitive documents.

Nowadays most sensitive information is kept in digital formats. With regards to disposal of such digital information, we can destroy hard drives and USB drives, CD’s and DVD’s, PC’s, notebooks, iPads and laptops, printers, cassette and video tapes, phones and webcams.  These digital devices are destroyed in its entirety to guarantee complete elimination and not just deletion, of sensitive information and personal data.

What about General Consumer Waste Disposal?

If you need to dispose of general electronic wastes such as white goods, lighting and any unwanted power devices, our skip bin hire service will ensure you can remove these items properly. Such waste may not be feasibly to place in regular bin or taken straight to the dump site as some of the items may contain traces of lead or mercury. We will deliver and pick up the perfect size skip for your needs and recycle or dispose of the items responsibly.

Our code of ethics and responsibility to the environment means we recycle where possible. We recover and recycle as much material as possible before we destroy the products. Items we recycle include food packaging or product packaging.  Once we have reclaimed reusable materials, our secure destruction service will destroy all personal documentation and dangerous products with complete privacy and transparency.

How Do I Know My Items Have Been Properly Destroyed?

As part of the service, we also provide a comprehensive audit trail and Certificate of Destruction to prove your products have been safely and completely destroyed. We also have secure cameras that record our destruction processes, so if requested, we will also be able to provide video evidence of the secure destruction items and even accommodate a representative to witness the process.

A lot of home owners have a tendency to store unwanted furniture, old records, garden tools, worn books and everything in betters in the garage. In fact in most homes, the last thing you’ll see in the garage is the car! This results in a valuable space which instead of being put to good use, ends up as a permanent skip attached to your house! Sure you will get round to cleaning it and when you do opt for a skip bin hire in Perth, WA Skips will have you covered!

We are the leaders in skip bin hire in Perth and a mini skip bin hire will be exactly what you need when you decide to finally clean out that garage and possibly park the car in it again.

Here are a few pointers on clearing out the garage to help you get on with the task at hand and save you valuable time, effort and money in the process!


Remove Everything

Remove all items from your garage so you can begin with a completely empty slate. Collect all your belongings and arrange them into designated areas. Make a decision as to which possessions you want to keep, give away, put up for, or throw away. It is best to organise a skip in hire, Perth for convenient rubbish removal of the larger items you may have stored.

Bring Out The Vacuum!

When it involves cleaning, we know that the garage doesn’t really come into consideration. I mean it is the garage after all. However when you start clearing it out, you will be surprised at just how much dust has accumulated so grab the marigolds, pick up the feather duster and plug in the vacuum. Provide the space for deep cleaning and suck up all those cobwebs and dust bunnies while you’re at it to save you time.

New Storage Units

After separating your items, you will inevitably be left with many items you want to keep. Invest in some really good sure containers so you can bring those items back into the garage. These containers don’t have to be expensive and there are many different sizes and styles to choose from. Simple label the containers so you know exactly what is in them. You can also install bike shelfs, shelves, and hooks to help you restore order in your room. Top tip! Make certain to stay clear of choose storage closets with doors, as they will just give you a justification to remain disorganised (out of site, out of mind!)


Clearing out your garage is a very tough, but it is a pleasing job once it is done. Skip bins Perth will help you dispose of your rubbish without resorting to piles of black bin bags littering your kerb. Our professional and expert advice and service will help you choose the best size skip bin hire in Perth for your needs and when it comes to skip bin prices, we cannot be beaten!



Whether you are replacing your kitchen, landscaping your back yard or maintaining a construction site, you need the right skip bin to handle your waste rubbish removal.

Reputation and Experience

Although you might be able to find a cheaper quote, you may find that it comes at a high price in poor service or incorrect advice. A good company will have been around for a while and should have many satisfied customers. A bad one might even illegally dump your waste damaging the environment and your businesses’ brand.

A good and reputable company can help you answer the rest of the considerations in the form of waste assessments, audits and reports as well as understanding environmental considerations. They will be able to assist you whether your waste is residential, commercial, industrial, green or general rubbish.

Type of Waste

The next thing to think about is what you want to put in your skip bin.

There are different types of skip bins for different purposes. Heavy waste, such as concrete, dirt or bricks will require a specific type of truck.  Hazardous waste requires even more consideration.

Quantity of Rubbish

Now, you need to think about how big of a skip bin you need. Sizes range from 2m3 to 10m3. As it is difficult for many of us to visualize our rubbish in terms of metres cubed, it may suffice to have a list of what will go in. You can then ask someone at your chosen company for advice.


Next, you need to consider your location and the potential skip bin placement. You will want to have your skip bin close to your front door to avoid tiring yourself out (or injuring yourself) with repeated trips to the bin. Whether you are on a level or sloped surface makes a difference. A good company can handle your steep driveway, if they know about it in advance.

Are you on a narrow street or will the logical placement of your skip bin cause an obstruction to traffic or pathways? Additionally, some council have restrictions which can make placement of a skip bin difficult.

Difficult access does not have to be a serious issue when you hire a good skip bin hire company. Even if you are renovating a high-rise flat, your company will have a solution for you.


Make sure you have a fair idea of how long your job is going to take. You can save money by having it all done quickly.

After you have hired your skip bin, you need to stay on task so that you are ready when it gets there. Specifically, you need to make sure there is parking available at the appointed time of hire. Have someone ready to meet and direct the driver, as need be, to where you wish your skip bin to be located.

No matter what you need your skip bin for, having the answers to these considerations at hand when you ring will help make the process of hiring a skip bin easy and pain-free. Let someone else handle all the rubbish you don’t want to do yourself!